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Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion Volume 5 : Central and Southwest Asia

Berg Publishers, 2010

Encyclopedia entry

...Indigo is a chemical substance made from indigotin, which produces a blue color. It can be used to dye textiles, but also paper and even skin. It is the only natural dye that can produce a colorfast blue that does not fade through sunlight....
...History and Significance of Blue in Clothing Blue’s use as a pigment in clothing dates back thousands of years, but is especially evidenced in costumes worn in paintings going back several centuries, as can be seen vividly in many...

Natural or Synthetic Dyes?

Fashion Business Cases : A Student Guide to Learning with Case Studies

Fairchild Books, 2021

Book chapter

...As environmental regulations in developed countries become more strictly defined, there is an increasing need for sustainable measures for textile dyeing. In Teotitlan del Valle, Mexico, the textile dyeing techniques of indigenous cultures,...

Combining Techniques

Kimberly A. Irwin

Kimberly A. Irwin teaches fashion construction, apparel development and experimental design techniques at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), USA. She is currently pursuing her passion of leather working and creating leather handbags. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Surface Design for Fabric

Fairchild Books, 2015

Book chapter

...Combining techniques allows the creation of truly beautiful and interesting surface design. It adds dimension and additional texture, but there are many factors to keep in mind: fabric choice, dye appropriateness, order of applications...
...Learning Objectives Upon completion of this case, students should be able to: Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of natural and synthetic dyes. Think critically from the perspective of a fashion designer whether natural...

Lives Lived: AN Archaeology of Faded Indigo

Colors in Fashion

Bloomsbury Academic, 2018

Book chapter

...Saturated cloth, inundated with vibrant and precious coloring agents, has for centuries served as a material expression of power and wealth across the globe. Such surfaces protect, deflect, and project, astounding onlookers with the riches...


A Cultural History of Dress and Fashion in Antiquity Volume 1

Bloomsbury Academic, 2017

Book chapter

...The involvement of dress in articulating and constituting social stratification and social groups in the ancient world was enormously important, possibly the most immediately recognizable of all such signs, as clothing was a “portable...

West Africa

Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion Volume 1 : Africa

Berg Publishers, 2010

Encyclopedia entry

...West African markets are well known for their tightly packed displays of textiles in rich arrays of colors and patterns, and tailors on their sewing machines can be heard everywhere sewing visually striking garments that seldom go unnoticed...

Indigenous Designs Corp: Global Sourcing and Corporate Social Responsibility

Leslie Davis Burns

Dr. Leslie Davis Burns is President and Founder of Responsible Global Fashion LLC and Professor Emerita of Apparel Design and Merchandising at Oregon State University. A scholar and educator around topics related to the international apparel industries, consumer behaviour, and corporate social responsibility, Leslie is author of Sustainability and Social Change in Fashion (2019, Fairchild Books) and co-author of The Business of Fashion (6th edition forthcoming, 2020, Fairchild Books). She is also the Editor-in-Chief of the new online resource, Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases. Leslie is a Fellow of the International Textile and Apparel Association (ITAA) and has received the Distinguished Scholar and the Educator of the Year Awards from ITAA in addition to teaching, research, and leadership awards from Oregon State University. Leslie holds a BA from Washington State University and a Ph.D. in Consumer Sciences and Retailing from Purdue University. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Introductory business case

...Learning Objectives Upon completion of this case, students should be able to: Describe the target customer/market for a specific fashion brand. Review environmentally and socially responsible textiles (fibers and/or materials) for apparel...

Miao National Minority

Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion Volume 6 : East Asia

Berg Publishers, 2010

Encyclopedia entry

...Today, the Miao ethnic minority live in southwestern China, their population totaling 8.9 million. Miao origins and migrations are controversial and poorly documented, but we know that attempts to subdue them have been difficult. Miao...