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  • 300 BCE-201 BCE
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The Nasca on the South Coast of Peru

Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion Volume 2 : Latin America and the Caribbean

Bloomsbury Academic, 2005

Encyclopedia entry

...Knowledge of how people dressed in the Nasca region during the early phases of the Nasca period (1–300 c.e.) is reconstructed largely from archaeological sources. The garments themselves have been preserved in burials and ritual deposits...

The Northeast

Linda Welters

Linda Welters is Professor of Textiles, Fashion Merchandising and Design and Director of the Graduate Program at the University of Rhode Island, USA. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion Volume 3 : The United States and Canada

Bloomsbury Academic, 2010

Encyclopedia entry

...Three broad regions based on geographical and cultural boundaries make up the Northeast: Coastal, Saint Lawrence Lowlands, and Great Lakes–Riverine. During prehistoric times, tribes adapted to climatic changes and cultural innovations...

Archaeological Evidence

Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion Volume 1 : Africa

Berg Publishers, 2010

Encyclopedia entry

...In Africa, the human body has always been a focus for creative expression. Each culture has evolved its own patterns of dress and associated symbolic system, yet cross-cultural influences and change have constantly occurred. A society...