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Wedding Dress Across Cultures

Berg, 2003

Book chapter

...This book highlights the specific and varying status of wedding dress practices across the globe, covering five continents: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America. The impressive diversity of contexts emphasizes the logic...
...Introduction The Rabari are Hindu pastoralists who inhabit the desert region of Kutch district in the extreme west of Gujarat, where India borders Pakistan. There are three main subgroups of Rabari in the district: Kachhis in the central...

The Empress of Fashion

Joseph H. Hancock

Joseph Hancock, II is an international authority in the area of fashion branding as a form of storytelling. He released his book Brand/Story: Ralph, Vera, Johnny, Billy and Other Adventures in Fashion Branding (2009), now to be released in a 2nd Edition in 2016 to be called Brand/Story: Explorations and Cases in Fashion Branding. His works on branding and storytelling have appeared in such publications as The Brand Challenge by Kartikeya Kompella (Kogan Page 2016) and Strategic Design Thinking by Natalie Nixon (Bloomsbury, 2015). He has also published two coedited books, Fashion in Popular Culture (2013) and Global Fashion Brands (2014) with Intellect Publishing through The University of Chicago Press. Dr. Hancock is the principal editor of the peer-reviewed journal Fashion, Style and Popular Culture (Intellect Publishers). He is Executive Director for Events for the Popular Culture/American Culture Associations (PCA/ACA) and was their 2009 recipient of the Felicia F. Campbell Award for Area Chairs. He has been awarded Drexel's 2008 Steinbright Cooperative Career Center's faculty of the year and recently received the 2011 Stanley J. Gwiazda Professorship Award. Dr. Hancock has received over $100,000 in grants, fellowships and awards and has generated $13,000 in corporate gifts for Drexel University. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Brand Story : Cases and Explorations in Fashion Branding

Fairchild Books, 2016

Book chapter

...Vera Wang and Oprah Winfrey during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Spring Collections 2003.Review the brand/story of Vera Wang and tell her historyConsider how Vera Wang capitalized on a market that was being ignoredReveal how Vera Wang went...
...History and Significance of White in Clothing The first evidence of woven fabrics dates back some 4,000 years in Egypt and Southeast Asia, with natural-hued flax-based linen among the earliest clothes stuffs. The first fashion shade, then,...

Swazi Bridal Attire: Culture, Traditions and Customs

Wedding Dress Across Cultures

Berg, 2003

Book chapter

...The Kingdom of Swaziland: Cultural Background The Kingdom of Swaziland, a small, landlocked, mountainous country in southeastern Africa, 6,704 square miles (17,364 square kilometers) in area, is surrounded by South Africa in the north, west...

Double Dresses for Double Brides

Fashion in Fiction : Text and Clothing in Literature, Film, and Television

Berg, 2009

Book chapter

...In post-conflict Belfast, in December 2005, the first civil partnership ceremony in the so-called United Kingdom took place. Shannon Sickles and Gráinne Close exchanged their vows at Belfast’s City Hall, permitted to do so by the United...

Wedding Costume

The Berg Companion to Fashion

Bloomsbury Academic, 2010

Encyclopedia entry

...A wedding dress is apparel used in conjunction with wedding ceremonies, including accessories that may differentiate nonmatrimonial dress from that worn specifically for weddings. Contemporary Overview As of the late twentieth and early...

Drawing Heads

Bina Abling

Bina Abling teaches in the Fashion Design departments of FIT and Parsons School of Design in New York City. She is the author of Fashion Sketchbook, 4th Edition, Advanced Fashion Sketchbook, Model Drawing, and Marker Rendering for Fashion, Accessories and Interior Design. Bina's knowledge and experience comes from 10 years in the fashion industry and 15 years of teaching. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Fashion Sketchbook

Fairchild Books, 2019

Book chapter

...Sketch by Anthony ManfredoniaFaces are very personal and unique. Each artist’s interpretation of a face has something new to offer in its stylistic nuances. The sheer variety is cause for visual appreciation. With regard for all...
...The Collection in Context The fashion show took place at the Conciergerie in Paris, where Marie Antoinette was guillotined, and it was scheduled back to back with Margiela’s presentation. Kawakubo said that the decision was based...
...History and Significance of Bridal Wear Many cultures approach the bridal gown as an important symbol of a union and the lifelong commitment of two people. Traditionally, the wedding dress represented the social milieu of the wearer...