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Actors and Actresses, Impact on Fashion

Pamela Church Gibson

Pamela Church Gibson is Reader in Cultural and Historical Studies at the London College of Fashion. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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The Berg Companion to Fashion

Bloomsbury Academic, 2010

Encyclopedia entry

...Professional actors and actresses have long fascinated their audiences, but until the twentieth century, they were often associated with licentious sexual behavior, making them problematic role models. Perhaps the first true stage...
...Fashion and Style Shalom Harlow is a leading model and actress, born on 5 December 1973 in Canada. She was raised in a bohemian environment and grew up without a television or any knowledge of fashion magazines, and voiced aspirations...
...Fashion and Style Nadja Auermann is a German model and actress born in 1971. As a natural brunette, her popularity rose when she bleached her hair and had it cut short by Julien d’Ys in 1994. Her unique and creative style, combined...
...Fashion and Style Christy Turlington is a leading American model, humanitarian campaigner, and filmmaker. She was born on 2 January 1969 in California. Aged fourteen, Turlington was horseback riding in Miami, Florida, when local...
...Fashion and Style Gisele Bündchen, fashion model and actress, was born in Brazil in 1980. Her breakthrough came when Alexander McQueen chose her to walk in his iconic 1998 fashion show titled “Rain.” He dubbed her “the body”—a statement...
...Fashion and Style Naomi Campbell is a leading British model, television host, and businesswoman, who was born in London on 22 May, 1970. By the time the 5 ft. 9 in. (1.75 m) fifteen-year-old schoolgirl was discovered by Beth Boldt, the head...
...Fashion and Style Carolyn Murphy is a leading model and presenter. She was born in the US in 1974 in Florida, but spent some of her youth in the UK, where her parents were stationed with the US Air Force. Throughout school she...
...Fashion and Style Jade Parfitt is a leading model and presenter, born in 1978 in London, England. As a girl, modeling had never crossed Parfitt’s mind; her grandmother heard about a modeling contest on the UK TV show This Morning and her...

The Frontier Experience and the Military Uniform

Thomas S. Abler

Thomas Abler, University of Waterloo Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Hinterland Warriors and Military Dress : European Empires and Exotic Uniforms

Berg, 1999

Book chapter

...The camp was now a very lively scene, and contained a strange mixture of uniforms and faces, which showed the motley nature of the force which had been scraped together in this desperate crisis of the Empire. Imperial Armies and Hinterland...

Recasting Fashion Image Production: An Ethnographic and Practice-Based Approach to Studying Bodies as Media

FASHION STUDIES : Research Methods, Sites and Practices

Bloomsbury Academic, 2016

Book chapter

...Growing up as a teenager in the mid-1990s, and living far away from any global fashion capital, images were the most accessible point of entry for me into the world of fashion. Alongside posters of my favorite musicians, I adorned the walls...