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...The Collection in Context Set to the sound of a roaring motorcycle engine, the show’s opening look was a sculpted silver jacket worn like armor over a white jumpsuit. Between the modernity of white, the jumpsuit’s nod to work wear...
...The Collection in Context The columns cloaked in red-and-white Fendi banners that decorated the runway provided an ideal backdrop for what was a theatrical, colorful, and graphic-filled fashion presentation by the designer Karl Lagerfeld...
...The Collection in Context Smart tailoring and formal shapes were given a twist: from deliberately undone buttons on a traditional cardigan, to a slogan T-shirt emblazoned with the brand’s name and paired with a gray woven suit. Billowing...

Ghana Boys in Mali

African Dress : Fashion, Agency, Performance

Bloomsbury Academic, 2013

Book chapter

...In a single region in Mali, two styles of men’s dress embody diverse routes to status, attitudes toward innovation and perpetuation of past practices, and sources of stylistic inspiration. They have in common, however, a reliance...