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Southern Highland Peru

Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion Volume 2 : Latin America and the Caribbean

Bloomsbury Academic, 2005

Encyclopedia entry

...Cloth serves many purposes in the daily and ritual lives of contemporary Quechua people in the southern highlands of Peru. Handwoven alpaca and sheep-wool textiles provide the basic needs of warmth and protection in these rugged, cold...
...If you would take that hideous green flower out of your coat … I might answer your question differently. If you could forget what you call art, if you could see life at all with a simple, untrammelled vision, if you could be like a man...

Natural or Synthetic Dyes?

Fashion Business Cases : A Student Guide to Learning with Case Studies

Fairchild Books, 2021

Book chapter

...As environmental regulations in developed countries become more strictly defined, there is an increasing need for sustainable measures for textile dyeing. In Teotitlan del Valle, Mexico, the textile dyeing techniques of indigenous cultures,...
...History and Significance of Blue in Clothing Blue’s use as a pigment in clothing dates back thousands of years, but is especially evidenced in costumes worn in paintings going back several centuries, as can be seen vividly in many...

Combining Techniques

Kimberly A. Irwin

Kimberly A. Irwin teaches fashion construction, apparel development and experimental design techniques at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), USA. She is currently pursuing her passion of leather working and creating leather handbags. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Surface Design for Fabric

Fairchild Books, 2015

Book chapter

...Combining techniques allows the creation of truly beautiful and interesting surface design. It adds dimension and additional texture, but there are many factors to keep in mind: fabric choice, dye appropriateness, order of applications...
...Learning Objectives Upon completion of this case, students should be able to: Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of natural and synthetic dyes. Think critically from the perspective of a fashion designer whether natural...