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The Berg Companion to Fashion

Bloomsbury Academic, 2010

Encyclopedia entry

...Mary Brooks Picken defined girdle as a “flexible, light-weight shaped corset, made partly or entirely of elastic. Worn to confine the figure, especially through the hip line.” Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary offered: “A woman...

Pain from Fashion

The Dangers of Fashion : Towards Ethical and Sustainable Solutions

Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2020

Book chapter

...This chapter interrogates past and current instances of physical and psychological human pain resulting from fashion practices. Social psychological theories, feminist perspectives, and Gates Control Theory of pain situates the authors...


Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion Volume 3 : The United States and Canada

Bloomsbury Academic, 2010

Encyclopedia entry

...In most environments on Earth, clothing provides needed protection from the elements and other hazards. Yet over the past two centuries, dress has been vilified as the source of disease and death or lauded as a device for improving health...