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  • Beau Brummell
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The Berg Companion to Fashion

Bloomsbury Academic, 2010

Encyclopedia entry

...Walter Benjamin, in his treatise Charles Baudelaire, writes: “The dandy is a creation of the English” (p. 96). If dandyism, the style and the practice, is a uniquely English construct, it was the French who defined it in prose and poetry...

Brummell, George (Beau)*

The Berg Companion to Fashion

Bloomsbury Academic, 2010

Encyclopedia entry

...George Bryan Brummell (or Brummel), most famously known as “Beau" Brummell, was born in Britain in 1778 and died in 1840 in France. His dress and demeanor established many of the canons of dandyism. Although he was not an aristocrat...

Sneakers as Fashion: Reclaiming Masculine Adornment

Yuniya Kawamura

Yuniya Kawamura is Professor of Sociology in the Social Sciences Department at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, USA. She is the author of The Japanese Revolution in Paris Fashion (2004), Fashion-ology: An Introduction to Fashion Studies (2005, 2018), Fashioning Japanese Subcultures (2012), Sneakers: Fashion, Gender, and Subculture (2016). Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Sneakers : Fashion, Gender, and Subculture

Bloomsbury Academic, 2018

Book chapter

...Fashion and adornment have been a female affair and task since the Industrial Revolution. As Reilly and Cosbey write in the Introduction chapter of Men’s Fashion Reader, there is a shortage of literature on the topic of men and dress since...


Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion Volume 8 : West Europe

Berg, 2010

Encyclopedia entry

...The basic distinction between female and male dress in the Western world is between women’s skirts and men’s bifurcated trousers. Only in the twentieth century was this abandoned—but in one direction, since, even today, men do not wear...