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Lori A. Knowles

Lori A. Knowles worked for 13 years as a patternmaker and production manager for Marie Clayden Inc. in Los Gatos, CA, and taught for nine years at West Valley College in the department of Fashion Design and Apparel Technology. She has had a consuming interest in vintage clothing and costuming since childhood and possesses a large Edwardian and Victorian clothing collection that includes pieces dating back to the 1840s. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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The Practical Guide to Patternmaking for Fashion Designers Menswear

Fairchild Books, 2005

Book chapter

...Introduction Men’s vests come in many styles that range from casual to formal wear. Casual styles include fleece vests that insulate you from the cold, and vests that have multiple pockets (ideal for outdoor adventures). Formal styles...
...The Collection in Context For the season, menswear designers offered stylish, relaxed clothes in mostly soothing colors that appeared accessible to the man on the street but which could be worn without compromising on professionalism. Pants...
...The Collection in Context The quilted vest appeared in numerous menswear collections this season, and Yamamoto’s was no exception. There was a brightly colored, patterned, hooded quilted coat in a mess of triangles, circles, and semicircles...