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The Balmacaan Coat

Patternmaking for Jacket and Coat Design

Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2016

Book chapter

...Patterning concepts learned:coat block2-piece raglan sleeveflared silhouetteconvertible collar (Prussian)hidden-button placketinseam pocket with weltsleeve tabDesigned Balmacaan coat front.Designed Balmacaan coat back. The History...

Technical Design with Illustrator®

Stacy Stewart Smith

Stacy Stewart Smith is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Fashion Design Art at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), USA, where he instructs the finer points of digital fashion design and technical specifications using Adobe Illustrator® and Adobe Photoshop®. He has been teaching computer art, illustration, fashion design and merchandising courses since 1998 and was Teacher of the Year (2000) during his lengthy post at the Wood Tobé-Coburn School of New York. Smith is an accomplished fashion designer and fine art painter. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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CAD for Fashion\nDesign and Merchandising

Fairchild Publications, 2013

Book chapter

...Objectives In the apparel market, nearly all digital production flats are created with vector-based software programs like Illustrator®. The need to communicate with global resources and the fast pace of the garment center have nearly...
...Michiko Koshino was born in Osaka, Japan, in 1950. Her mother is an haute couture designer and both of her sisters, Junko and Hiroko Koshino, have their own labels in Japan. Michiko, on the other hand, established her brand in London after...